About Kumar’s Dosa Bar and Farm

Kumar’s Dosa Bar and Farm sells authentic South Indian food at various markets and festivals in Devon and Cornwall.

Kumar was born in Kandy, Sri Lanka, and spent his childhood working on the family dairy farm. His parents came from Southern India, so he went to the University of Agricultural Sciences in Bangalore for his B.Sc. An MSc in sustainable agriculture took him to England. Since then he has worked on various farms across the country and currently runs a travel company in India, Sri Lanka and Peru. After running a sheep and goat farm for two years he moved to West Devon in June 2015 and bought 20 acres of grassland and woodland with the idea of selling South Indian cuisine a markets and rearing a flock of Llanwenog sheep.

Kumar’s eldest daughter Daisy works in Brighton at Responsible Travel and has helped develop the marketing side of the business. Molly, the youngest, studies Veterinary Medicine at Edinburgh University. Her dream is to farm alongside Kumar and own her own mobile veterinary practice.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Ellie

    Hi Daisy, your blog is beautifully written. We bought your old house in Wye, you are all welcome to come and stay if ever you need to. Although there is slightly less space than when we moved in because shortly after that I got pregnant so there is now a new occupant (our second daughter)! Anyway we wanted to wish you and Kumar lots of good luck.

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    1. daisysv Post author

      Hi Ellie, thank you! That’s wonderful news, so exciting! Kumar sends his love to you all and says thanks for redirecting the post. If you are ever heading our way do pop in for a visit xx


  2. Usha James

    Some how I hope to meet you one day. I love that you are running a small farm and cooking street food, My moms family are farmers in India so it;s nice to see an Indian family farming here. I live near Falmouth and run a pub with my husband, called The Stag Hunt Inn and I some how I ended up being the chef and am now known for my Indian menu. I have been on a mission to only cook home made curries and not the typical Indian restaurant type, so it’s really nice to see you selling real Indian food as well in the South West. Can’t wait to hear more stories, it’s like reading a really cosy book, though in real life I dare say that it’s a damp and soggy sometimes, it rains more than you think down here! but when the sun shines it’s glorious. Enjoy your new adventure, and thank you for sharing it. Usha : )

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