The arrival of the Devon Dusters

On Sunday we decided to emerge from the cocoon of the South West and make our way to Kent to pick up the Devon Dusters (Mo and Dusty), our two ewe lambs my sister was given.

We woke up at 4am, got ourselves ready and walked the dogs. Half asleep as we stumbled into the car around 6:30am. Dogs in car and a box of sandwiches, fruit and a flask of hot tea for the journey ahead.

We hitched a borrowed trailer to the car and left Devon, weaving in and out of cars along the tedious and long A303. Streams of white lights glaring in our eyes as the dark stormy clouds disappeared. Listening to desert island discs, a captivating talk with Alex Crawford and Kirsty Young.

We stopped at Cobham services where dad slept and let the dogs have a wander about.


As we came into Ashford, we had butterflies in our stomachs. A tingling of excitement. Going down the back roads into Wye, passing strangers and familiar faces.


The dogs wide-eyed… sensing a familiarity of the place.


The gates at Wye station were of course closed. Dad guessing who would come out and open the gates.


Passing through Wye…


Time to back the trailer and put down hay.


Mo and Dusty (‘Molly girls’) in with a flock of Southdowns.


And here they come!! Watch out! Mo and Dusty running to the gate where a bucket of sheep food awaits.


On the way back to Devon, dad kept having 10min power naps and the electronic window would close so we ended having to place bin liners on the windows with masking tape so  rain wouldn’t come in. Half in tears/half laughing.

All in all, the journey went well and the lambs are settling into their new home.