Have you seen us in the news yet?

Have you seen us in the news yet? Feel free to read the BBC article if you haven’t.

Last month we decided to take 20 of our lambs to a sanctuary in Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries, near Worcestershire. 

The sanctuary, which looks after 220 animals, said it had never received lambs from a farmer before.


For the last couple of months we’ve been shifting our focus more to cooking masala dosa, dhal and chutney at markets and less on livestock farming. Changing our ethos to encourage more plant-based eating.

“I will still be in the farming world, but not livestock farming anymore”

– Kumar

As masala dosa, tomato chutney and dhal is naturally vegan we didn’t feel right selling lamb.

We’ve still got 69 sheep left running on Dartington Estate. At the moment we don’t have any immediate plans but have decided we don’t want to take them to the slaughterhouse.

We’ll be updating our website to update photos and our ethos very soon.
I also chatted to Nihal Arthanayake on BBC Asian network which you can listen to here – https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0002dd4#play. Skip to 12:10pm to listen.


It’s been a year…


It’s been exactly a year since we moved from Kent to Devon. Dad and I sitting in the front seats of the Audi with the dogs in the back. Sifting through motorways down to Hampshire to pick up Molly from her friends house. A surprise birthday cake and pressies at Molly’s friends house and then back on the road.

Since moving last year, the farm is slowly progressing. Got the fencing done, worked in the woods a little, cleared brambly bushes, lopped branches, marked where we would like our barn to go and now have five slightly mad sheep on the land. A few Charollais x Mule and one Charollais x Masham.

We’ve seen the seasons change from warm to cold and back to warm. Have had those rainy wellie walks, visited festivals and started food markets in Exeter.

1 year2.jpg

Our first arrivals

Bright clumps of yellow daffodils hug the edges of fields and bluebells flock the woods. In the distance you can hear the bleating of lambs calling out for their mothers and tractors hogging the winding back roads.

After about a year of looking for the ideal piece of land to farm in the West Country, Kumar has finally found and bought 18 acres in Devon, which sits North-West of the Dartmoor National Park, nestled in-between the small village of Bratton Clovelly to the East and the Roadford Lake to the West.

If all goes well, we’ll be moving to Devon in May from Kent and renting a small cottage in the village of Lifton, only 15mins away from the land and close to the Devon-Cornwall border.

It’s lambing season and farmers are busy. Molly has been helping out on a nearby farm lambing 300 ewes for the last two weeks. On top of lambing and mucking out pens, she has been looking after a small gathering of lambs which have come from those ewes who gave birth to triplets. We’ve been given two of them to start our own flock in Devon and have named them ‘The Devon Dusters’. The’re called Mo and Dusty.

Mo, the 'The Devon Dusters' lamb with Daisy
Myself (Daisy) with Mo
Molly bottle feeding Dusty
Molly bottle feeding Dusty