Leaping in the air

It has been such lovely weather recently in Kent and our two little (well not really little anymore) lambs have been skipping around our back garden in the sun and slowly causing havoc.

Both our neighbours who have young kids and grandkids have been round to see the lambs. Chasing them around the garden and stroking their soft coats. We showed them Dusty’s tail which fell off yesterday. Molly says when lamb tails come off, it is a sign of good luck.

The end of the month is drawing near and Molly and I are heading back to University soon, leaving Kumar to look after the lambs, carry on looking for  trailers and think about moving home when the paper work is finished. Only a few more weeks hopefully to go and we will be settling into the new house in Lifton, Devon.

Woodie and Dusty
Woodie and Dusty

Our first arrivals

Bright clumps of yellow daffodils hug the edges of fields and bluebells flock the woods. In the distance you can hear the bleating of lambs calling out for their mothers and tractors hogging the winding back roads.

After about a year of looking for the ideal piece of land to farm in the West Country, Kumar has finally found and bought 18 acres in Devon, which sits North-West of the Dartmoor National Park, nestled in-between the small village of Bratton Clovelly to the East and the Roadford Lake to the West.

If all goes well, we’ll be moving to Devon in May from Kent and renting a small cottage in the village of Lifton, only 15mins away from the land and close to the Devon-Cornwall border.

It’s lambing season and farmers are busy. Molly has been helping out on a nearby farm lambing 300 ewes for the last two weeks. On top of lambing and mucking out pens, she has been looking after a small gathering of lambs which have come from those ewes who gave birth to triplets. We’ve been given two of them to start our own flock in Devon and have named them ‘The Devon Dusters’. The’re called Mo and Dusty.

Mo, the 'The Devon Dusters' lamb with Daisy
Myself (Daisy) with Mo
Molly bottle feeding Dusty
Molly bottle feeding Dusty