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Weekend with the lambs

Written by Daisy

Can’t believe it the time of year again when lambing begins again. This year seems to be a little more crazy than last year. The sheep were moved to a friend’s field in Dartmoor temporarily as the fields are a bit more drier than ours. They had a barn which we were able to use, so the ewes lambed in there.


I just got back from Brighton after a long weekend in Devon, helping dad with selling masala dosa at Totnes Market and with the lambing. It wasn’t really a holiday which I had hoped for but loved every bit of the madness. Definitely not one for walking up at 5:30am and going to bed at 11pm!


On the first evening I arrived, my sister Molly and I went to check and feed the sheep. To our surprise there was the most two adorable lambs just born, with a third one that Molly pulled out. Over the course of Friday, Saturday and Sunday so many lambs were born. Early morning and evening checks to see if they were ok. By Sunday we were eager to get them out onto the grass as they were creating chaos in the barn. But the electric fence battery died and classically in rained all day! So we decided to leave it and Molly and I spent the day doing small farm chores, like strimming and fixing posts.




On Friday I helped dad selling masala dosa at Totnes market and then on Molly and I helped dad serving masala dosa at someone’s birthday party on Saturday where Molly tried her dosa making skills! Was very impressed.

Video of Molly making dosa is on our facebook and intsagram pages.

Since 1st Jan 2018 I have been trying to follow #thelowimpactmovement. Inspired by David Attenbourgh and a few youtube zerowaste/low impact/vegan people. So going down to Devon I decided go prepared and bring by stainless steel tin and keep cup.

I told dad it would be a good idea to implement some low impact ideas into Kumar’s Dosa Bar and so since Jan 1st 2018 when you bring a plate/lunch container and cutlery to our market stall you can save 50p off your masala dosa, chutney and dhal meal. Share your photo of your masala dosa meal in your reusable plate with the hastag #lowimpactdosameal on Instagram.


And off course nothing goes with out saying how gorgeous it was to see these two lovely boys!



It’s been a year…


It’s been exactly a year since we moved from Kent to Devon. Dad and I sitting in the front seats of the Audi with the dogs in the back. Sifting through motorways down to Hampshire to pick up Molly from her friends house. A surprise birthday cake and pressies at Molly’s friends house and then back on the road.

Since moving last year, the farm is slowly progressing. Got the fencing done, worked in the woods a little, cleared brambly bushes, lopped branches, marked where we would like our barn to go and now have five slightly mad sheep on the land. A few Charollais x Mule and one Charollais x Masham.

We’ve seen the seasons change from warm to cold and back to warm. Have had those rainy wellie walks, visited festivals and started food markets in Exeter.

1 year2.jpg

A sunny market, 3 lambs and #30DaysWild

It’s all happening down in Devon! Markets in Exeter, sunny days, bleating lambs, attempting to do a little bit for the 30 Days Wild challenge and visiting county shows and festivals.
So to catch up with the livestock at Breazle Smallholdings.
We still have the Devon Dusters who are currently munching their way through the grass at the farm, completely content and still attached to us as ever.
For some of you who don’t know, Molly got another three lambs. These ones have not been named but have been featured on our Facebook page quite a bit. They have finished drinking milk and are now slowly exploring the big wide world of the out in the big wide world of the farm. Getting used to a big life with other sheep, new sounds and other people.

Our other 3 lambs – photographed by Molly

Sitting on the edge of the river. Crying seagulls fighting over bread and a mass of swans gliding across from one edge to the other. It’s market day in Exeter. Every Thursday and the sun is shining glistening ripples shimmer in the light. The sun is on my right burning my cheek and the end taste of sugar and cinnamon donuts linger in a need to hold onto it a little more.
I can here dad and Molly behind me chatting away behind the food stall, the griddle getting steamy as it waits for customers to taste dads crispy dosa.
The swans look so majestic. Swooning in elegance like they own the river. The bridge the reaches one side of the river to the other is filled with wheels of cyclists and kids. Canoes clank together floating gently on the ripples.



The Wildlife Trust have a challenge this June. #30DaysWild where people can do a random act of wildness of each day. A way to connect with nature and feel happy and healthy. Hugging trees, walking bare foot in grass, learning wildflowers, helping birds…

It’s not to late to take part!

The arrival of the Devon Dusters

On Sunday we decided to emerge from the cocoon of the South West and make our way to Kent to pick up the Devon Dusters (Mo and Dusty), our two ewe lambs my sister was given.

We woke up at 4am, got ourselves ready and walked the dogs. Half asleep as we stumbled into the car around 6:30am. Dogs in car and a box of sandwiches, fruit and a flask of hot tea for the journey ahead.

We hitched a borrowed trailer to the car and left Devon, weaving in and out of cars along the tedious and long A303. Streams of white lights glaring in our eyes as the dark stormy clouds disappeared. Listening to desert island discs, a captivating talk with Alex Crawford and Kirsty Young.

We stopped at Cobham services where dad slept and let the dogs have a wander about.


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