Weekend with the lambs

Written by Daisy

Can’t believe it the time of year again when lambing begins again. This year seems to be a little more crazy than last year. The sheep were moved to a friend’s field in Dartmoor temporarily as the fields are a bit more drier than ours. They had a barn which we were able to use, so the ewes lambed in there.


I just got back from Brighton after a long weekend in Devon, helping dad with selling masala dosa at Totnes Market and with the lambing. It wasn’t really a holiday which I had hoped for but loved every bit of the madness. Definitely not one for walking up at 5:30am and going to bed at 11pm!


On the first evening I arrived, my sister Molly and I went to check and feed the sheep. To our surprise there was the most two adorable lambs just born, with a third one that Molly pulled out. Over the course of Friday, Saturday and Sunday so many lambs were born. Early morning and evening checks to see if they were ok. By Sunday we were eager to get them out onto the grass as they were creating chaos in the barn. But the electric fence battery died and classically in rained all day! So we decided to leave it and Molly and I spent the day doing small farm chores, like strimming and fixing posts.



On Friday I helped dad selling masala dosa at Totnes market and then on Molly and I helped dad serving masala dosa at someone’s birthday party on Saturday where Molly tried her dosa making skills! Was very impressed.

Video of Molly making dosa is on our facebook and intsagram pages.

Since 1st Jan 2018 I have been trying to follow #thelowimpactmovement. Inspired by David Attenbourgh and a few youtube zerowaste/low impact/vegan people. So going down to Devon I decided go prepared and bring by stainless steel tin and keep cup.

I told dad it would be a good idea to implement some low impact ideas into Kumar’s Dosa Bar and so since Jan 1st 2018 when you bring a plate/lunch container and cutlery to our market stall you can save 50p off your masala dosa, chutney and dhal meal. Share your photo of your masala dosa meal in your reusable plate with the hastag #lowimpactdosameal on Instagram.


And off course nothing goes with out saying how gorgeous it was to see these two lovely boys!


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